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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aerial roots: danger signal

I'm still trying to figure out what these aerial roots mean. They are appearing at the nodes on my Chambourcin vines, though not on any other varietals. Shoot growth has been strong, petiole samples showed balance, and the fruit looks good for such a strange year weather-wise. It could be trunk damage from our freeze, or perhaps some root pest, but aerial roots mean that the vine is losing faith in its root system and is ready to start over. I hope this row survives.

Even though these vines have been showing just a hint of water stress, the good kind for this time of year, I gave them a good soak tonight. We've had very little rain and dry. We should have fruit that is unusually concentrated for our region.


ciclope said...

I don´t know a lot of english (sorry), but I think that it´s normal in some plants to have aerial roots... in lambrusca varietals is´very usual.
there are no problem with your plant... dont worry.
i live in Colombia (south America) and I have a little vineyard...

I hope to keep in touch with you.


Anonymous said...

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